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Welcome to Topological Neuroscience Software.

This is a collection of programs for topological analysis of directed and not directed graphs. Please consult README and INSTALL for further details.

The program compute standard, or directed flag complex of the graph given at the input and the Betti numbers of this complex (once the appropriate flag is set when calling the program). It also produce list of simplices when the appropriate flag is set.

For instruction compilations, please consult INSTALL

The source files are available here.

For any questions and for reporting bugs, please contact the author.

Further reading:

  1. P. Dlotko, K. Hess, R. Levi, M. Nolte, M. Reimann, M. Scolamiero, K. Turner, E. Muller, H. Markram, Topological analysis of digital reconstructions of neural microcircuits, in preparation.